About Us

100s of startups are being founded every day in India. Indian startup ecosystem is ranked 3rd in the list of numbers of startups in the world. That is why we thought of building StartupTalky. As the name suggests, we talk Startups! Yes, we want StartupTalky to be one and the only platform for the talks about startups, to discuss ideas. However, the model didn’t work and we pivoted to the media platform. We are now the fastest growing media platform for entrepreneurs. On our platform not only you can read stories about successful startups and entrepreneurs but unsuccessful too and learn from their mistakes. Nothing can be better than learning from other’s experience. Everyone in a startup ecosystem has many stories to share and we don’t want to miss any story and learn from it. So we have built our platform in such way that anybody can share his experience without any hassle by writing a blog post. However, we do have some guidelines for the same.

The experience can deal about: –

-Any hardship that you faced and how you tackled it.

-How you kept running your startup during the financial crunch.

– Anything tips/hack for the growth of startups and business.

– Even your learning from the startup.

This will not only help you to build a brand for your startup/company but also your reputation. If you would like to share your experience you can mail us your story at startuptalky@gmail.com. We will take it forward from there. Each well-written article will be approved and will be shared across all our social media channels with a total following of more than 140K.

Great experiences are even better when shared!